Best Free Fonts Collection 2015

A curated collection of 30 best free fonts of the year 2015. This collection includes general classifications like serif, san serif, handwriting, script, rounded, retro etc.

30 Best Free Fonts for Your Graphic Designs

30 Best Free Fonts 2015

Mohave Typefaces

Mohave is all caps display typefaces, built with smooth height and dynamic glyph. This typefaces is designed for large points setting, contains three weights, it’s regular, semi bold, and bold plus italics.
By: Gumpita Rahayu

Big John Slim Joe Free Font

Big John / Slim Joe

Slim Joe a sister font of Big John an ultra light version you might say that i opted to save separately in combination.
By: Ion Lucin

Borg Typeface free

Borg Typeface

Borg is a geometric typeface with a curved incision. My inspiration was a sweden furniture.
By: titus prod

AVENTURA Free Typeface


Free font for personal and commercial use, enjoy!
By: Jimmy Kalman

Prime free font

Prime Free Font

Prime is a simple typeface with a techie feel and a strict, geometric origin. I wanted to create something that offers great readability in various sizes yet still offers enough subtle differences to stand out.
By: Max Pirsky

PONIENTE Free Typeface


Poniente it’s a free font. Feel free to use it for personal and commercial.
By: Benito Ruiz

AROLY Free Font


AROLY FONT is a polygonal heading font. Since polygon made a huge trend, so i planned to make it as a typo with can adapt in all devices.
By: Arvind Kumar

Slot Free Font


Slot Free Font – Designed by Adrien Coquet & Hugo Dath. Slot is a rounded font with a semicircle pattern.
By: Adrien Coquet, Dath Hugo



A modern, clean, linear and “geomanist” sans-serif designed
By: Apito

Streamster Typeface


Streamster typeface, available for free download for personal use.
By: Youssef Habchi



Hello, I’m so excited to share the first font that I’ve created, White Pine! I created this while working on a logo for a client.
By: Anna

Facile Sans Free Clean Font


This retro style custom font is from Twicolabs.
By: Twicolabs

Harlott Free Font


Inspired by classic brush lettering, Harlott Script gives an impression of straight brush calligraphy and natural hand lettering.
By: Artimasa Studio

TriColore Free Font


Following the success of Multicolore vector typeface, I’m happy to present you Tricolore. Based exclusively on Multicolore shapes, this iteration is simpler in number of colors
By: Ivan Filipov

Aku Kamu Font

Aku & Kamu

Only strongly left to right glyphs + contains neutrals
By: Ariq Sya

Uni Sans Free Font

Uni Sans

Fontfabric type foundry presents Uni Sans Free. Four font weights set in Caps from our well known best seller Uni Sans, available for free download.
By: Svet Simov, Ani Petrova, Vasil Stanev

Nexa Rust Free Font

Nexa Rust

Nexa Rust from Fontfabric Type Foundry is a multifaceted font system consisting of font sub-families Sans, Slab, Script, Handmade and Extras
By: Radomir Tinkov, Svetoslav Simov, Ani Petrova & Vasil Stanev

Sunn Free Handwriting Font


A free Handwriting font, created by Rit Creative team – Gatis Vilaks and Krišjānis Mežulis.
By: Gatis Vilaks, Krisjanis Mezults

Esplanade Script Font Free Download


Retro calligraphy handwriting.
By: Måns Grebäck

Rafale Free Font


Rafale is an all caps font that also contains – Open Type, Fractions, Sups & Subs, Ligatures, Alternates, Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic.
By: Suleyman Yazki, Svet Simov, Vasil Stanev

Rhyder Sans Serif Font Free Download


Rhyder is a sans serif, geometrical, heavy weighted font suitable both for text and display.
By: Adrian Candela

Ailerons Font Free Download


Ailerons was inspired by aircraft models from the 40s.
By: Adilson Gonzales

Porto Font


Porto was born to be part of a logo desing but it didn’t turn to be what was needed, any way, I thoght it was so gorgeous that i couldn’t old it in a file that would probably be lost in time.
By: Uppertype

Anders Free Font


This is an experimental project I decided to create. I thought to create something I could give to everyone, almost as a thank you to the overwhelming support my work has received.
By: Tom Anders Watkins

PJ Font Family


PH from Fontfabric is a multifaceted font system consisting of different font weights (96!) and types of condensation.
By: Ani Petrova, Asen Petrov

Kilogram Free Font


This is my redesigned version of Nick Curtis old freefont Anagram.
By: KalleGraphics

Sunday Typography


A short story behind this font by Anastasia: I’ve always loved illustration and letters but both of them were “forbidden fruits” to me.
By: Anastasia Dimitriadi

Blogger Sans Download

Blogger Sans

Blogger Sans draws inspiration from the clarity and legibility of the popular font Dosis with an additional support of the lost Cyrillic languages.
By: Sergiy Tkachenko



Baron is an uppercase display typeface inspired by the classic sans serif font family’s.
By: Frank Hemmekam, Fontfabric

Color Lines Free Font

Color Lines

I would like to present my new Partlines Decorative font, that can be used in a variety of cases, including label and cool print design
By: Anton Gridz

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